typeface family, humanist broad-nib calligraphy, beer


Pint is a serif typeface family with a clear influence of humanist broad-nib calligraphy. The family consists of two parts exploring the relation and differences between a text-typeface and its display counterpart. Its primary half is designed for setting body text at sizes between eight to twelve points – think of books or magazines and other publications intended for longer reading – with moderate contrast providing for a clear and crispy texture in the regular and medium weights and a more solid and sturdy character becoming visible in the heavier weights.

Where the text weights focus most on function in treatment of shapes and details, the display weights explore a more playful approach to their form and proportions. They have a notably larger x-height, slightly tighter spacing and gradually retracting serifs, emphasizing calligraphic influence in the lighter weights and providing the heavier weights with a dense (textura-like) texture, while still being able to match the text weigths in style and flavour. Suitable for compact settings like headings, covers, flyers and posters. Beer. Labels and coasters.

Pint was designed as final part of the TypeMedia master course. See also:

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